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About Us

We are a professional painting company. Our company specializes in painting exterior, interior, staining, varnishing, enameling for residential and commercial

With TM Painting LLC you’ll experience hassle-free, efficient projects with clear communications. Our experience eliminates the hassles common with most painting projects by ensuring the contract agreement is fulfilled to your satisfaction. In short, we sweat the details so that you don’t need to.



Please call us at 612-363-4536

Our Business

TM Painting LLC. Inc. has years of experience providing the most professional, skilled and responsive painting services in the market. We offer a wide range of interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial buildings. The services that our TM Painters provide are always well-run, clean, neat and beautiful. What really sets us apart is our commitment to our customers and very high expectations in the quality of our work.



Our company culture and mission includes the elements of Trust, Passion, Leadership, Team and Mutual Respect.

TM Painting LLC. will always be known as a company that can be trusted. It’s where everything begins for us, and critical to how everything we do propels us forward to success. We will operate on all fronts by keeping our word. Our actions will meet and exceed our word.

We will provide all ongoing and new relationships with excellent communication practices, accurate and complete project budgets and estimates, consistent delivery of best services, project follow-through and state-of-the-art technical expertise with materials, preparation and application. We will measure ourselves to assure we meet what we all are constantly working towards – excellence.

TM Painting LLC. will be a trusted and well-respected resource within the construction community. We will be leaders that lead with intent. From the first contact about a project through to its completion, we will lead in every aspect of every project. We will achieve leadership though the proper alignment of our strengths and our passion to succeed. We will prospect for new business in a very purposeful way, developing new relationships and business with customers understand mutual respect and who value the benefits we bring their world. Our customers will recognize that we are a valuable member of their team and a major element to the success of their projects and business.

In all ways, we will actively provide ‘A relationship you can trust’.

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